PMQs: May insists UK will leave with a 'good deal' on March 29

Theresa May

The Prime Minister defended her defeated deal as a "good deal".

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Prime Minister told MPs she still believes the UK can leave with a “good deal” on the 29 March.

A nearly-voiceless Theresa May kept her answers short, but told MPs that she “knew the voice of the country” and that the people want to leave.

She confirmed that she would be voting against the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, although resisted whipping Tory MPs to do the same.



Answering the Brexit-supporting Peter Baron, Mrs May said: “I want to leave the EU with a good deal, and I believe we have a good deal.

"Yes no deal is better than a bad deal, but I want and I have been working on us to leave on 29 March and leave with a good deal.”


Corbyn ‘doesn’t even agree with Labour policy’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Prime Minister could not accept her deal was dead and that her Brexit strategy was “lying in tatters”.

He added: “When will she listen to those workers who are concerned about jobs and accept the case that there has to be a negotiated customs union with the EU?”

However Mrs May stuck back, saying that the Labour leader did not only disagree with government policy, “he doesn’t agree with Labour policy either". 



She added: “Last night he did not refer to a second referendum. He spoke of about a deal with a customs union, that has already been rejected in the past, including by him.

“I may not have my own voice, but I know the voice of the country and that is people want to leave the EU, end free movement, have our own trade policy and ensure our laws are made in this country.

“That is what I believe and what he used to believe. Why has he changed?"