PMQs uproar after SNP MP declares Boris Johnson ‘racist’

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

SNP MP Ian Blackford has been warned by speaker John Bercow for calling Boris Johnson “racist" during Prime Minister’s Questions.

The allegation caused uproar when he asked Theresa May if she was aware Mr Johnson was not only “racist” but has a “record of dishonesty”.

Speaker John Bercow intervened and called on him to “weigh his words”.

He said the word “racist” is not unparliamentarily, but it would be wise for MPs not to “impute dishonour” on another member.

In response Ms May said any Tory leader would be “better for Scotland than the Scottish Nationalist Party.”

Earlier, the Prime Minister clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over her response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

She repeated her criticism of private building owners for failing to act quickly to remove and replace dangerous cladding.

“We expected building owners to take the action that was necessary. They have not done enough, they have not acted quickly enough and that is why the government has stepped in,” she said

“The government has said that we will fully fund the replacement of cladding on high-rise residential buildings. And as I said there are interim measures in place until that is done.”

Mr Corbyn said more than 300 high-rise buildings have the same Grenfell-style cladding and that the government’s pledge to fund its replacement is no comfort to residents in tower blocks across the country.

“They are worried, their communities are worried, and while government funding is of course necessary and welcome, it is not yet available,” he said.

He added: “More than 70 block owners still have no plan in place to get the work done."

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