Poisonous tiger snake found hiding in Christmas tree in Melbourne

Tiger snake found hiding in a Christmas tree in Melbourne

The snake was found in the Christmas tree (Facebook: Snake Catcher Victoria Australia)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A tiger snake was discovered in a Christmas tree in Australia on Sunday, wrapped around decorations. 

A homeowner named as Cheryl had to call a snake catcher to her house in Melbourne. Local reports suggest the snake was a metre long and venomous, but luckily was quite relaxed sitting in the tree.

Snakes are regularly discovered hiding in Australia's homes and gardens but they rarely crash the Christmas party. Barry Goldsmith, a snaker catcher of at least 30 years' exerience who attended the Melbourne discovery, said he's never found a snake in a Christmas tree before.

"This is a one-off thing. It's like lightning striking," he said. "Although I have found them around the base of a Christmas tree in amongst the presents in the past.

"It's not going to happen again for sure. Not this year anyway."

The snake was taken to a friend's bush property nearby and released, according to Australian news outlet ABC.