Police arrest 13-year-old 'clown hunter' dressed as Dracula and carrying knife

The boy was dressed as Dracula (Stock image)

A 13-year-old boy was detained by police in Israel after deciding to take on the so-called 'killer clowns' - and dressing up in a scary costume of his own.

The boy was found by police at around midnight on Tuesday (October 3) in Herzliya, according to The Times of Israel. He was dressed as Dracula and carrying a knife. 

The child has now been released after questioning, although he has been instructed not to leave his home.

He police that he was out on the streets because he heard the reports about clowns terrorising people on the street - a trend which became known as the 'clownpocalypse' when it emerged last year.

He also explained the knife had been taken from home, which probably did little to appease the authorities.

The police have recently announced a crackdown on people dressing up in costumes in an attempt to scare the public, and the boy was the 16th person to be caught.

Israel has had its own version of the clownpocalypse, and one of the clowns allegedly used pepper spray against a 10-year-old girl.

Police have asked the public not to harm youths dressed as clowns, despite admitting that they could be seen as a “credible threat."

The education ministry has also released guidelines for children to help them cope if they see someone dressed as a clown.