Police arrest man for 'murdering family with poison because they were unclean'

Police arrest man for 'murdering family with poison as he said they were unclean'

The suspect was found through emails on his computer

Friday, December 8, 2017

A man has been arrested in Italy on suspicion of using a chemical usually found in rat poison, to kill his grandparents and his aunt.

It is claimed that Mattia Del Zotto wanted to kill his family members because he thought they were "unclean."

Prosecutor Maria Luisa Zanetti alleges that he used the rat poison on five other members of his family for the same reason.

The 27-year-old allegedly put the poison on dishes and in drinks of his paternal grandparents and his aunt at the start of October.

The victims - aged 94, 88 and 62 - died at the end of October as a result of taking the poison, according to The Local.

The five other relatives who were also allegedly poisoned by the man have recently been treated in hospital after being affected by poison.

Officers were told by Del Zotto's mother that he was "manic" and kept saying people should only eat things that are "vital" whilst spending days online.

Police managed to track down Del Zotto through an email which was on his computer, which included a quote for the price of the chemical as well as delivery charges and taxes.