Police bust 'Isis terror cell' plotting attack in Venice

Italian police stop alleged terror group plotting attack in Venice

The alleged jihadist group was reportedly planning to attack Rialto Bridge in the city's heart

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Italian police have apprehended a terrorist group whose members were reportedly planning to attack a main tourist destination in Venice. 

A series of anti-terrorism police raids overnight saw the arrests of four suspects, all of whom had been under close surveillance by authorities in the previous weeks. 

The group's four members, Kosovars who were allegedly living legally in Italy, were reportedly jihadists and planned to blow up Rialto Bridge in the centre of the island city. 

A prosecutor claimed they followed Isis ideology, and had supposedly celebrated terror attacks in Europe, most recently the attack in Westminster in which Khalid Masood killed four people.

The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, expressed his gratitude to the police for their efforts.