Police call for 10ft-high plinth to keep new Margaret Thatcher statue safe from vandals

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher pictured on election day. Image: Getty

Thursday, January 31, 2019

A statue of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will require a 10ft-tall plinth to keep it away from vandals, police have warned.

Plans to install the £300,000 statue in the Iron Lady's home town of Grantham will be voted on next Tuesday by members of the South Kesteven District Council's Development Management Committee, amid fears it could be a "likely target for politically-motivated vandals".

There have been 17 objections to the statue to date, with seven people writing to the council voicing their support for it.



Lincolnshire police said they had carried out a "threat assessment" with regards to the statue, writing in a report to the council that Baroness Thatcher's "divisive nature" could make it a target and in need of a "sufficiently high plinth".

"In general there remains a motivated far-left movement across the UK (though not so much in Lincolnshire) who may be committed to public activism," the report read.

It continued: "Margaret Thatcher does however maintain an element of emblematic significance to many on the left and the passage of time does seem to have diminished that intensity of feeling."

The statue was originally meant to be erected in Westminster, but the plans were rejected by Westminster Council, who claimed it could have caused "civil disorder".