Police called after Tommy Robinson doorsteps activist

Tommy Robinson

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Police have been called to the house of an activist who helped crowdfund a legal action against Tommy Robinson, after the anti-Islamist campaigner turned up on his doorstep.

Mr Robinson filmed himself aggressively knocking on the door and windows of Mike Stuchbery’s home while calling on him to come outside and talk.

The advisor to UKIP leader Gerard Batten accused Mr Stuchbery of encouraging “crackhead racists and junkies” to intimidate his family as part of a “campaign of hate”.



Mr Robinson says anti-racism campaigners delivered a legal letter to his home in an intimidating manner, though Mr Stuchbery claims the letter was delivered to a police officer.

Mr Robinson has apparently been threatened with defamation by lawyers representing a Syrian refugee who was allegedly attacked and bullied at school.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Stuchbery said: “I was asleep at 10 o’clock last night and there was a large banging from downstairs at my windows and doors.

“That went on for about half an hour. He kept shouting that he wanted to talk but I didn’t want to go down.”

One of the abusive messages sent to Mr Stuchbery. Image: Mike Stuchbery

Mr Robinson left after police were called but reportedly returned at 5am to leave a note on Mr Stuchbery’s door that said: “Mike, I will be back.”

Video of the incident was live-streamed on the internet, suggesting Mr Robinson has overcome his Facebook and Instagram accounts being removed by the social networks.

Mr Stuchbery said he received abusive messages on Twitter and Facebook moments after Mr Robinson arrived.