Police catch neo-Nazi drug dealer after he publishes pictures of toast with Hitler's face on

Police catch neo-Nazi drug dealer after he posts photos of toast with Hitler's face on

The man posted a photo of toast scorched with images of Hitler's face

Monday, March 6, 2017

A neo-Nazi drug dealer has been caught by police after posting images of toast online with Adolf Hitler's face scorched on the slices.

Sven Pohl posted the photos of the toast to Facebook, breaking Germany's laws against publishing images of the Nazi regime and its leaders, The Daily Mail said. 

The man also posted a photo online of Hitler wearing a football kit, along with the caption "top striker."

Due to this, police visited Pohl's home, where they found his enormous drug-dealing racket.

He dealt in large amounts of cannabis and crystal meth, according to police. The man will be sentenced in court for the photos he posted as well as "heavy drug trafficking."

At first Pohl denied the drugs charges, however after a girlfriend gave evidence he partially admitted to the offences.

Pohl is expected to be sentenced this week.