Police continue mission to rescue man dangling from 290ft chimney

Monday, October 28, 2019

Cumbria Police are continuing efforts to rescue a man dangling by one leg at the top of the 290ft Dixon's chimney in Carlisle.

The use of an industrial scale 90-metre cherry picker is the latest bid in the multi-agency rescue operation to bring the man down after he reportedly became trapped at 2.22am.

His condition is not known, but he has now been trapped upside down at the top of the structure for around 11 hours.

Superintendent Matt Kennerly, of Cumbria Police, has said this is an “extremely complex and rare incident and requires the specialisms of all the agencies to work together”.

Emergency services are working to rescue the man, whose condition is not yet known

Emergency services scrapped an earlier attempt to reach the man by helicopter due to fears of the potential danger of backdrafts and concerns over how securely the man is attached to the ladder.

The fact that a ladder on the chimney is damaged has also prevented police from sending rescuers up from the bottom.

It is not yet known who the man is or how he came to be at the top of the structure, which used to form part of a cotton mill.

Superintendent Kennerly added: “We are very concerned about the man involved and all those involved in this operation are working tirelessly to bring this to a safe conclusion for all.

“Police officers are with the man’s family offering them support throughout this.”

Members of the public have been asked to avoid the area and roads around the rescue mission remain closed

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