Police evict families from French migrant camp

Nearly 1,000 migrants have been moved on

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

French police have moved nearly 1,000 migrants from a tent camp near the English Channel over security and hygiene concerns.

Aid workers with Care4Calais said around 100 officers surrounded an area in Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, and escorted them off the site.

The charity said migrants were then told to get on a bus and did not know where they were being taken. It is believed one bus was headed to Brest in the far-west of the country.

A recent headcount found 73 families had been living in the makeshift camp, including several pregnant women.

The clearance came in response to a court order - reportedly to prevent people smugglers from targeting migrants and to stem violence in the area.

Officials said migrants were being taken to temporary shelters and would be allowed to apply for asylum.

Heavy machinery was used to clear the camp

Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley said evictions were pointless as many migrants would make their way back to Dunkirk and Calais to risk a journey to the UK.

“Continual forced evictions don't affect the underlying issues that cause people to risk their lives crossing the Channel; even the total destruction of the Calais Jungle in October 2016 has not stopped this from happening,” she said.

“What they do is to further abuse some of the most vulnerable people in society - people who are already severely traumatised and who are desperate to protect their families.”

On Monday 29 migrants - including seven children - crossed the Channel and were handed over to UK immigration officials.

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