Police investigate Gay Pride ‘hate crime’

Monday, July 29, 2019

Police are investigating after a Muslim woman in a niqab hurled abuse at Gay Pride marchers in Walthamstow in north-east London at the weekend.

Video published on social media shows the unidentified woman shouting “shame on you, you shameless people” and “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”.

Waltham Forest Police tweeted: “Abusing someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is a hate crime.”

Yusuf Patel posted the video, and said “No matter what form hate comes in, we must stamp it out and say no to all forms of hate."

Walthamstow's Labour MP Stella Creasy tweeted: “Gutted to see this and clear such hatred isn't acceptable anywhere let alone in our home town- proud that many from all faiths and none today including Islam joined the Waltham Forest Pride march."

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said “hatred against anyone should be seen as hatred against all of us”.

In 2005 LGBT rights group Stonewall labelled her “homophobic” for comments she made about allowing homosexual relationships to be taught in schools. She later apologised for what she had said.

The Waltham Forest Pride organising committee said it condemned “all homophobic abuse” and urged people not to attack the woman for her religion.

“[We] want to make it absolutely clear that this was one, lone individual and in no way do that person’s views represent the views of any section of the local community,” it said.

“We were delighted that people from all the major faiths, Christian, Jewish and Muslim, marched alongside non-religious people to show everyone in our great borough of Waltham Forest that we’re here, queer and proud of who we are.”

Meanwhile, British Transport Police have released images of a man it wants to speak with over an “unprovoked homophobic” attack on a train.

They say the victim and his partner were on a train from London to Essex on April 14 when a group of men began making homophobic comments.

When the victim tried to leave the train at Upminster he was punched in the head multiple times.

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