Police investigating fire service over Grenfell 'stay-put' policy

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Metropolitan Police is looking into London Fire Brigade’s ‘stay-put’ policy given to the residents of Grenfell during last year’s fire.

During the early stages of the fire on June 14 last year residents were told to stay in their homes.

Speaking to the Grenfell inquiry, Detective Superintendent Matt Bonner was asked about the 'stay put' policy used by the London Fire Brigade on the night, which has been roundly criticised at the public inquiry into the disaster.

Asked if senior officers could be charged with manslaughter for not telling people to leave, he said a prosecution could most likely fall under health and safety legislation.

He said: "The LFB would, as any other organisation involved, have an obligation to conduct their activity in a manner that doesn't place people at risk. It doesn't mean that at the moment they have or they haven't, but that's where the legislation is most likely to arise if that was an eventuality."

Mr Bonner said the stay-put policy was "part of our assessment of what happened and therefore falls within the investigation".

Commander Stuart Cundy clarified that the force was "duty bound" to look at a broad range of aspects from the night, which included the emergency services' response and preparedness.

The London Fire Brigade are not commenting while the inquiry is ongoing.