Police not investigating ‘serious crimes’ due to budget cuts

Police not investigating ‘serious crimes’ due to budget cuts

Police officers in London as climate change activists continue to protest.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A former Metropolitan Police detective has said that “serious crimes” are not being investigated, and suggested that instead people needed to “protect” themselves.

Peter Bleksley appeared on the Mike Graham show in the wake of chief constable of Greater Manchester Police saying that more than 40 per cent of crimes were not fully investigated due to a lack of funding. 

Ian Hopkins said that the force was having to prioritise crimes, despite the Home Office saying it was "committed" to ensuring all forces had enough funding. 

“The thin end of wedge started many years ago when police started this screening out of offences if there was not a named suspect or high-quality CCTV," Mr Bleksley told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham.

“It simply would not be investigated. That has been rolled out further and further unfortunately. It is being done for a raft of different reasons.”

He added: “My advice in this day and age is that we have got to protect ourselves and everything that we have worked so hard to accumulate.”

People are hiring private security firms to tackle crime in their areas, Mr Bleksley said, but added that they only helped those who could afford them.

“Private security firms have the same rights as you and me, if they see an offence taking place then they can detain somebody,” he said.

“But, you have to be wealthy enough to afford one.”

He added: “I could give you many stories from people who live in my neighbourhood – a leafy suburb of south-east London – they have fallen victim to serious crimes of high-value goods being stolen and these cases are not being investigated.”

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