Police officer praised after responding to 'kill yourself' message with letter

Police officer praised after responding to 'kill yourself' message with letter

The police officer responded to a message left on her car (Stock image)

Friday, March 10, 2017

A police officer has been praised for her response after someone wrote "kill yourself" on her car.

The officer, who has not been named, spotted the message which had been written in the dirt of her rear window on her personal car, which was parked outside a police station.

In response she taped a letter to her car, and a picture of it was posted on the Bettws Officers Twitter account.

The letter promised to protect the perpetrator despite their message, and it thanked them for reminding her why she is a police officer.

Gwent Police has supported her actions and described the perpetrator's behaviour as unacceptable.

The letter said: "Thank you for your message today. Unfortunately, do not have any plans to 'kill myself' and apologise if this disappoints you.

"I promise you, I would normally strive to meet the expectations of the public however on this occasion I am unable to fulfil your request.

"However, feel [it] would be rude for me not to reply to you, especially when you went to so much trouble to politely make your point, so I have written you this letter. I'm sorry I had to do this so publicly but you didn't leave me your contact details to speak to you in person."

She went on to finish the letter by saying the police don't hold grudges, and if the perpetrator ever needs them they should call 999.

See the full letter below 

To the lovely human being who left this message on an officers personal vehicle... We have left you a reply #PoliceArePeopleToo #NoGrudges pic.twitter.com/C6hAaz3pFG

— Bettws Officers (@gpbettws) March 9, 2017