Police officer who branded supermarkets sexist sanctioned by Sussex police

Police officer who branded supermarkets as sexist sanctioned by Sussex police

Peter Allan tweeted Sainsbury's and Tesco (Stock image)

Monday, August 14, 2017

A police officer who claimed feminine care signs in supermarkets are sexist has been sanctioned, it has been revealed.

Sergeant Peter Allan is the hate-crime officer for Sussex Police and told both Tesco and Sainsbury's that they should change their feminine care signs to other descriptions.

Last year he sent a tweet to Sainsbury's which read:  "It's an issue of gender identity. Men may use the products. Indeed men's products were on the shelf. 'Personal Care' perhaps."

After this he also tweeted Tesco: "Need to update. Especially with products 4 men on shelf. 'Personal Hygiene' perhaps. What about your other stores? Should be gender neutral if mentioned at all."

The comments resurfaced this weekend (August 13) as Brighton celebrated Pride, as they were originally made during the same event last year.

Many on Twitter hit out at the officer, claiming that by making these comments he was wasting the money of taxpayers and was meddlesome, according to The Telegraph.

This also wasn't the first time than Allan had complained of sexism as he previously told M&S their toilets were sexist by having a sign with a woman and a baby, whereas the men’s only showed a man.

Signs in the supermarket have now been changed but at the time many thought Allan's Twitter account was a parody due to his complaint.

Sussex Police have now revealed that the account wasn't a parody and the messages had been sent by Allan but it was when he was off duty.

The police force has also said that he is allowed to hold personal views, but has been sanctioned. Allan has now deactivated his Twitter account.