Police remove 'offensive' job advert after backlash from frontline officers

Police remove 'offensive' job advert after backlash from frontline officers

The advert published on the Metropolitan Police's Instagram suggested candidates would not 'start at the bottom'. Image: Metropolitan Police/SWNS.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The College of Policing has dropped a job advertisement for external candidates to become senior officers after it was criticised for its attitude of believe they were “intellectually superior” to frontline officers.

The advert asked external candidates whether they were “searching for a varied and exciting career where you don’t have to start at the bottom?”

The online advertisement was for their direct-entry programme to become inspectors and superintendents and promised external recruits they would be working “within the top 1% of officers in the police service” in under two years.

Chris Hobbs, a retired Metropolitan Police officer told talkRADIO's Mike Graham that the advert “demonstrated the attitude of the College of Policing towards those on the frontline”.

“[The College of Policing] consider themselves intellectually superior but are detached from what is going on on the front line," he said. 

“You have got two sorts of senior officers. The best ones are the ones that still basically see themselves as Police Constables at heart, they could be a Chief Superintendent but first and foremost they were coppers.

“They were the best bosses. The ones that were the worst tended to think they were executive and smarter than everyone else.”

Mr Hobbs added that there need to be a “sea-change in attitude and the College of Policing should be leading it and they are not.”

Mike Cunningham, chief executive of the College of Policing offered an apology for the advert, adding that he knew the advert had caused “huge offence”.

He said he would look into how the advertisement had been posted to ensure "it won't happen again".