Police warn public after 20-foot-long python escapes in Manchester

The python has escaped from its home in Cheadle (stock photo)

The python has escaped from its home in Cheadle (stock photo)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Greater Manchester Police have issued a warning after a 20-foot-long python escaped in the city's suburbs.

Officers issued a tweet this afternoon, saying the snake had escaped from its home in Lawn Grove in Cheadle, near Stockport.

The police warning suggested the python "is believed to be trying to find a warm location to hide out in." Which, given it's in Manchester, might be quite tricky.

Anyone who encounters the snake is warned not to approach it, as it may bite - although some would argue the warning is slightly unnecessary.

Police say the keeper has informed local schools of the reptile escape.

The warning has attracted a flurry of interest, although not all the messages have been entirely serious.

Some have even used the police notice to mock boxer Amir Khan, who said he was afraid of snakes on I'm A Celebrity - although the warning was subsequently exposed as fake.

Send Amir Khan to catch it

— Rebecca Hales (@Hales3Hales) November 22, 2017