Police warn public to stay away from Grenfell tower area amid fears of collapse

Police warn bystanders to stay away from Grenfell tower area amid fears of collapse

A massive fire broke out in the tower overnight

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Police have advised the public to avoid the area around Grenfell Tower amid fears the building could collapse. 

A fire broke out in the building overnight, which quickly spread to encompass almost the entire tower. 

In addition to the evacuation of residents trapped in the building, police cordoned off the area to the public while London Fire Brigade continue to fight the flames. 

They are believed to have spirited people from roughly 30 neighboring flats around the estate - which has been entirely evacuated - away from the area, amid fears the structural integrity of the tower will give way. 

While a structural engineer has declared the building safe for the moment, the situation is being carefully monitored, according to the Independent.

Meanwhile, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council has implemented its major emergency plan, working with the police and the Fire Brigade to provide relief and rescue operations. 

The plan ensures the council opens special rest centres for residents who have been displaced by the incident.