Polish police break up feminist and anti-fascist rally to allow far-right march

Polish police break up feminist and anti-facist rally to allow far-right march

Many took part in the sit-in at Warsaw

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Police in Poland dispersed a feminist and and anti-fascist rally and removed activists by force to allow space for a far-right extremist march.

The All-Polish Women's Strike group and activists from Obywatele RP were holding a sit-in in Warsaw in protest against the far-right march, according to The Independent.

Many were also holding photos of Heather Heyer, the woman who died in Charlottesville after a car was driven into a crowd during protests against white supremacy.

Some also held banners which said "If you're not outraged you're not paying attention" and many protestors held white roses.

Video footage of the protest shows police removing people from the street and taking their names, however as they did so others joined the sit-in instead.

Local media claims the far-right march was organised by the All-Polish Youth group, which is a nationalist group, and news website Fakt claims members of the National Radical Camp were also taking part in the march.

The event took place on Poland’s Armed Forces Day which is supposed to be a celebration of the Poland's victory against Russian Bolsheviks during the Polish-Soviet war in 1920.

Organisers of the far-right march said: "We want to pay homage to the outstanding generation of Poles who have regained independence for Poland and who defended it in front of the Bolsheviks' barbaric invasion."

Far-right groups in Poland are often active on national holidays and their activity has increased in recent years in the country.

Critics claim this is due to the Government not strongly condemning their views.