Political disco album to 'cope with Brexit stress'

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A group of musicians called Article 54 has released a disco-style musical album about Brexit.

Described as a “shining disco symphony for the dark days of Brexit”, The Hustle is an eight-track album featuring songs including Freedom of movement, Backstop!, Alternative arrangements and Hard is better.

It was written by author and musician Rhodri Marsden, who said it was a way of "channelling my mental chaos" caused by Brexit.

Mr Marsden told talkRADIO: "The whole Brexit debacle causes me huge anxiety – not so much to do with leaving, but more the unchecked lies and obfuscation that got us here, and the guessing game over what might happen next.

"If you actually care about what happens next, the whole thing becomes massively stressful." 

He described The Hustle as "ambitious and ridiculous".

"Lyrically, it's all about the vague reassurances that politicians have made about Brexit, presented in a sarcastic way. (Yes, it's the lowest form of wit, but whatever.) Musically, it's full-on 70s disco. Why not?"

It took 10 weeks to complete and is now available on YouTube, Spotify and iTunes.

The mind behind the music sais his favourite track was "No deal" because it "nicely highlights the absurd position of anyone who wants to back out of a deal in order to strike a worse one".

A two minute trailer shared on YouTube advertised the album as “the musical antidote you never imagined, for the crisis you never wanted”.

Upon its launch, Mr Marsden wrote on Twitter: “It’s basically a sarcastic eulogy for our collective sanity."

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