'Politics could realign as Labour probably won't regain support', says Vince Cable

'Labour probably won't regain support', says Vince Cable

Vince Cable believes politics could realign

Friday, February 24, 2017

Politics could realign as Labour slump and the Conservatives benefit, says Vince Cable.

The Conservatives won the Copeland by-election, while Labour won in Stoke. The Liberal Democrats received the third highest amount of votes in Copeland and the fourth highest in Stoke.

Former Business Secretary Vince Cable told Paul Ross: "It's not obvious that there’s a way out of [Labour's problems]. The optimistic story for them is they take a bad hit in the next general election and they then pull themselves together.

“I think it’s more likely that a lot of [Labour's] traditional support is simply gone forever," he added. “We may get some kind of realignment of politics.

“The main lesson from yesterday is that even if UKIP disappear, the Conservatives benefit at the expense of Labour."

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