Poll suggests growing support for second Brexit referendum

Monday, July 30, 2018

YouGov figures show that 42% of the public would back a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal, whereas 40% would oppose it.

It also found that 66% of Remain voters support a second referendum and 21% oppose, while 66% of Leave voters oppose and 19% support.

Results of a poll by Sky Data were release on Monday, and they showed that 50% of the public support a referendum on the final deal and 40% do not.

Their data also showed that if faced with the choice of staying in the EU or leaving with no deal, 59% would remain in the EU.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO, Femi Oluwole from Out Future, Our Choice, which advocates for a people's vote on the final deal, said: “Nobody thinks this is going well as is shown, we have now have a majority of the population in favour of a vote on the deal.

“And in terms of second referendum? I’m surprised people said they want a second referendum.”

Hartley-Brewer replied: “I don’t think we do have a majority in favour, the latest Sky poll says 50% of people support of having a second referendum, we’re not sure what question would be asked in a referendum, but it’s the highest percentage I’ve seen.”

The poll also revealed that 78% of people think the government is doing a bad job of negotiating Brexit, with a further 74% disssatisfed with Theresa May’s performance as Prime Minister.

“Nobody is confident with how things are going; people need to make their voice heard," said Oluwole.

“Our Future, Our Choice is a movement of young people who are saying, ‘you are screwing up on our futures with a deal that nobody wants’, and the only democratic way forward is to have a vote on a deal that nobody has confidence in.”