Polly Toynbee in furious row with TaxPayers' Alliance director Dia Chakravarty over Surrey council tax hike

Political director of the TaxPayers' Alliance Dia Chakravarty and journalist Polly Toynbee argue over raising council tax in Surrey

Surrey County Council want to raise council tax to improve social care

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Political director of the TaxPayers' Alliance Dia Chakravarty and journalist Polly Toynbee had a furious row on talkRADIO when discussing the raising of council tax. 

Surrey County Council is planning on holding a vote to increase taxes by 15% in the next financial year, blaming government cuts for the rise and needing to improve social care. The vote would take place alongside council elections in May.

Chakravarty and Toynbee argued as they discussed the issue with Sam Delaney, with Toynbee even claiming Chakravarty was giving "fake news," and both arguing about apologising to one another. 

Chakravarty told Sam Delaney: "Between 2013/14 and 2014/15 they have managed to find money in their budget to increase councilors' allowances and expenses by over £400,000.

“I don’t think even plugging that gap through central government requires an increase in tax. We could still get rid of hugely wasteful projects such as HS2.

“You can ask people to pay you more money, but their salaries haven’t gone up, how are they meant to pay it?"

However Toynbee believed: “For a lot of people it won’t actually burn a hole in their pocket in a place like Surrey.

“[Council leader David Hodge] has cut everything he possibly can and they’re now down to the bone," she said. "We’ve got to pay more in some way if we want to have a decent level of care for people."

Listen to the full debate above