Post-Brexit Britain should curb immigration with work permit system, says Migration Watch

Migration: 'You could get numbers down by about 100,000 with EU migrants alone', with a work permit system, says Migration Watch

Theresa may announced in her meeting at Chequers she will be tough on migration

Thursday, September 1, 2016

After Theresa May announced at her Cabinet meeting that she will control immigration levels, a former migrant who is now vice-chair of Migration Watch has told talkRADIO Britain should adopt a work permit system to limit the number of unskilled arrivals.

The Prime Minister said she will pursue a “unique” model after leaving the EU and won't adopt an “off-the-shelf solution”. She has effectively ruled out a similar approach to Norway, which some had speculated, as they retain access to the single market though free movement.

Alp Mehmet, who arrived in the UK as a child, believes: "From the EU most of those coming here come to do low-skilled, low-paid work, about 70%.

"If we had a work permit system that allows people to come in to do the skilled work, but denies a permit for those coming in to do low-level unskilled work, we reckon you could get numbers down by about 100,000 with EU migrants alone.

"I don't see that there's any problem in making sure those who've completed their studies then leave," he added. "We could start with actually having some sort of desk where students report as they're leaving the country so we know they have left.

"I think anyone that's coming here to join a member of the family, they should be able to speak English, those they are joining should be able to maintain and look after them."

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