'Post-Brexit campaign against hate crime should make people see how it feels to be a victim'

'New anti-hate campaign should make people aware of how it feels to be a victim', says Polish Cultural Institute

A national anti-hate crime campaign launched last week

Friday, December 2, 2016

A new anti-hate campaign aims to make people aware of how it feels to be a victim, says the Polish Cultural Institute.

A national anti-hate crime campaign, launched last week, is a direct response to a rise in reported incidents after the EU referendum.

The campaign, named #BetterThanThat, has cross-party support and is backed by the government.

Jakub Krupa from the Polish Cultural Institute told Yasmeen Khan that the campaign's video should make people likely to commit hate crime "aware of how it looks on the other side."

He added: “The really important thing is the campaign starts with the people who can potentially commit hate crime.

"We know from the statistics that we’ve seen a rise of hate crime targeting all communities. They also say that it seems to be linked to the referendum somehow."

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