Postman 'threatened with knife' on north London estate


The Royal Mail has suspended deliveries to the Lime Close area of Harrow.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Postmen have stopped delivering mail to a north London estate out of fear out being stabbed.

Harrow East MP Bob Blackman told the Commons that residents are required to visit a depot to collect post after a postman was threatened with a knife.

Mr Blackman called on Andrea Leadsom to allocate time for a debate on the threats faced by postal workers in the line of duty.


Mr Blackman said: “I was shocked yesterday to receive a letter from the Royal Mail informing me that no mail would now be delivered to one estate in my constituency and that the residents would have to go to the Royal Mail depot to collect their post.

"The reason for this is the postie that delivers that part of the round was threatened with a knife at his throat on the estate, and as a result the Royal Mail has withdrawn postal services.”

MPs were audibly shocked at Mr Blackman’s remarks, with Mrs Leadsom calling the incident “absolutely appalling.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson confirmed that deliveries have been suspended to addresses in the Lime Close area of Harrow after two separate incidents of “violent behaviour and intimidation.”

They added: “The safety and welfare of our staff is paramount. We only suspend deliveries as a last resort.”