PR agent rubbishes United Airlines boycott talk: 'People love their prices'

'People love the price and convenience of United Airlines, so most will continue to use it', says PR agent

The United Airlines CEO has apologised

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A PR agent has rubbished talk of a boycott of United Airlines over Sunday's passenger ejection video, saying the firm's low prices will continue to attract business.

Mark Borkowski spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the fallout from the now-infamous video, which saw a passenger dragged off a United flight because it was overbooked. The man reportedly said he was victimised for being Chinese and the video has gone viral in China, sparking widespread talk of a boycott.

Yesterday top Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong told talkRADIO the boycott will definitely go ahead, as there is huge anger in China towards United. But Borkowski believes the furore will fizzle out, as United's low prices, and widespread availability, will take precedence in customers' eyes.

However the PR agent did say United will have to change its practices, as Sunday's incident has proved disastrous for the company.

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