PR executive suspended for announcing beer company would give free beer to Trump supporters

BrewDog backtracks after offering free beer to Trump supporters

Friday, September 28, 2018

A PR executive who sent a press release stating that free beer for Trump supporters would be available in BrewDog bars across the UK for a week has reportedly been suspended. 

Scottish beer company BrewDog claimed they "did not know anything" about the planned promotion, after being challenged on Twitter. 

According to the release, BrewDog was to stock beer from US brewer Scofflaw in six of its bars in London, Leeds and Manchester from Saturday, with Scofflaw having put "tens of thousands of pounds" behind bars at BrewDog venues in order to give free beer to Trump supporters.

The press release sent to journalists

Writer Sian Meades tweeted: "There are A LOT of reasons to dislike @BrewDog and here's another one for the list: this weekend their bars are offering free beer to UK Trump supporters."


'We did not know anything about this' 

BrewDog responded: "Hi Sian, we did not know anything about this. We are cancelling the events and are sending all of the beer back – Scofflaw beer won't be available in our bars."

Meades also tweeted a screenshot of a further email from the PR company, saying the previous press release was incorrect. 

A webpage about the collaboration with Scofflaw was also removed from the BrewDog website.

Ms Meades and other Twitter users expressed scepticism that BrewDog had no knowledge of the planned event, given that the two companies appeared to have collaborated in the past.

A post on Scofflaw's Instagram from August 24 featured BrewDog products.



We are #punkagmusa2018 bound with some liquid. Find us as at @brewdogusa tomorrow.

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Frank, the PR company that had been hired by Scofflaw, posted a statement on Facebook that read: 

"On 27th September, a statement was released to media by an individual employee of Frank without Scofflaw’s approval.

"The reputation of our client is of utmost importance and we are taking this matter seriously. The employee has been suspended while an investigation takes place. We apologise to Scofflaw, BrewDog and anyone that may have been offended by these actions."

Scofflaw's owner Matt Shirah also issued a statement which he posted on the brand's Instagram. 

This post is absolute nonsense. While we definitely have country roots, no one at Scofflaw Brewing or those associated with our brand, is now or has ever been, rooted in hate. 

"We do not tolerate hate - that's just idiotic... We could care less about your political viewpoint, just that you like beer."