Pregnancy discrimination: Maria Miller demands tougher measures 'to make employers think twice'

Pregnancy discrimination: 'We don't have teeth that can really bite and make employers think twice', says MP

The report found many employers discriminate against pregnant women

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Maria Miller, chair of the Women and Equalities Committee who conducted a report into pregnancy discrimination at work, has claimed we need better law enforcement procedures to "make employers think twice."

The report criticised the cost of taking employers to tribunals, which currently stands at £1,200. It found more than one in 10 new mothers and pregnant women were dismissed, chosen for compulsory redundancy, or left their job because of poor treatment. 

Miller, the MP for Basingstoke found that "Unfortunately many people aren't aware of [ the laws].

"When it comes to enforcement, we don't have teeth that can really bite and make employers think twice.

"What's striking is the mismatch between what employers think and what pregnant women think, and so I think one of the solutions here is just getting better communication between women and their employers as to what will help them stay in their work.

"We need to find ways of making this less complicated for employers and less frightening," she added. "We need a culture change and an attitude change in the workplace."

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