Pregnant teacher could be jailed 'for sex with teenage student in cupboard'

Pregnant teacher could be handed jail term 'for sex with teenage student'

The prosecution claims prison can handle the birth (Stock image)

Monday, January 29, 2018

A pregnant teacher could be handed a prison sentence for having sex with her teenage pupil in Australia.

The woman admitted to five counts of intercourse with a student at Sydney Grammar School over three months in 2016.

It is alleged the 34-year-old invited the teenager into her home and also engaged in relations in a storage cupboard at the school, as well as in a classroom. 

The teacher told the court she believed it was a “very mutual love affair," according to The West Australian.

The prosecution has told the judge that the prison service will be able to handle the birth of her baby.

However the defence claims this idea is “somewhat ambitious” even though the aim is well-intentioned, and is calling on the judge to take the pregnancy into account during sentencing.

Barrister David McCallum said the baby will have "some condition that will require some kind of corrective treatment” when it is born.

Earlier in the case, it was alleged that when the 17-year-old ended the relationship the teacher sent him several messages stating she loved him as well as apologising for her behaviour, saying she is a “f***ing monster."

One text was also written as if it was from her pet dog, saying it “would like to say hello and ask how you are," the court heard.

It allegedly stated the dog cared about the teenager and "hopes you won’t stay angry too long."

Students have previously complained about the woman's behaviour and she has been reprimanded for this.

The woman is expected to be sentenced on Friday (February 2).