Presidents Club: 'MP Nadhim Zahawi's dressing down was probably quick conversation and drink', says Katie Perrior

Presidents Club: 'MP Nadhim Zahawi's dressing down was probably quick conversation and drink', says Katie Perrior

Nadhim Zahawi attended the controversial Presidents Club event

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Katie Perrior has said the "dressing down" received by MP Nadhim Zahawi was probably just a quick conversation with the offer of a drink.

An investigation by the Financial Times has uncovered sexual harassment taking place at a men-only Presidents Club charity event. The paper revealed that waitresses were groped and sexually propositioned.

Government sources have said that Zahawi has received a "dressing down" from the Chief Whip for attending the event himself, although he claims to have left early as he felt "uncomfortable."

Katie told Mike Graham she believes the "dressing down" wasn't actually as serious as it may sound.

The former communications director for Theresa May said there’s "two forms of dressing down" for MPs in such situations. The first option is "they come in and they get the absolute rollicking of their life. You get bashed around by the earholes... it's embarrassing and occasionally you’ll do it in front of other people just to make you look like a complete wally.

"There’s another form of dressing down which I think is what’s happened here - turned up, [the Chief Whip has said] 'listen mate we’re going to put out a press statement that says that you’ve had a dressing down, alright, yeah, ok, yeah, it’s all very unfortunate, don’t do it again, do you want a drink? Alright see you later alright take care bye'."

She said this situation "screams to me [as] one of those" conversations.

Katie also said we should keep the money from the Presidents Club, rather than giving it back to them, "and turn it into some good."

She would also tell the gropers: "In the future why don't stay at home with your wife and write us a cheque instead? Or stop dodging tactics?"

Mike agreed that the perpetrators were "pigs", but said "because of the atmosphere right now, which is febrile when it comes to women interacting with men, men interacting with women, nobody knows where the rules are.

"It's clear to me that if I was to go to something like that, you don't suddenly think that just because you've paid £2,000 a night, you can put your hand up a woman's skirt.

"[But] i you ban this kind of activity and go 'right, all men-only activity is banned', it'll just happen underground and you'll have to go to even more sleazy places where even worse things will go on.

"Women will be walking into literal dens of iniquity."

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