Primark accused of sexism over 'girls' changing room sign

Primark accused of sexism over 'girls' changing room sign

Primark has been accused of 'casual sexism' (Stock image)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Primark has been accused of sexism for using changing room signs which say girls instead of women.

Despite using the term girls for women's changing room, the shop in Bolton still called the male changing rooms "men's fitting rooms."

Customer Claire Griffiths has claimed the sign is "demeaning" and shows "infantilisation of women," according to The Mirror.

The 28-year-old said she "witnessed this random bit of infantilisation of women, not girls.

"'Girl' is not the opposite of man, full stop. It's a bit worrying, who the hell thought that was okay? It's stupid."

Griffiths said "we aren't used to referring to men as boys" yet women are often called girls, for example "grid girls." She thinks "it's demeaning and it puts us in a vulnerable position."

She claimed that, whilst it's only wording, "it's semantically incorrect" and she was surprised it appeared the issue hadn't been raised before.

"I just couldn't imagine putting that sign up, stepping back and not realising it was incorrect. I think if it was the other way around, women and boys, it would stand out more."

She admitted that the sign isn't a large issue, but felt she had to point out the "casual sexism" by getting in touch with the clothing shop through social media.

Griffiths added: "People tend to get upset when you point out casual sexism. It doesn't mean I'm really upset or offended by it."

Primark has issued an apology for the "signage error" and offence it has caused and has now changed the wording.

"Primark aims to deliver a positive shopping experience for all our customers and we are sorry for any upset caused by this error," the company said.