Primary school teacher creates Britain’s first vegan vending machine

Primary school teacher creates Britain’s first vegan vending machine

Remi Toth with one of her vegan vending machines.

Friday, March 22, 2019

A primary school teacher has set up her own business creating Britain’s first vegan vending machines.

Remi Toth, aged 25, only turned vegan two years ago and struggled to find quick “on-the-go” vegan snacks.

Since December 2018, Ms Toth has opened two of her vending machines in Bristol, each with space for around 100 vegan snacks.

Ms Toth, who works as a one-to-one support teacher at a primary school in Filton, South Gloucestershire, said: "I wanted to create a place where people could go for a variety of choice.

"When I went vegan I found it hard to find quick and easy on-the-go options in supermarkets.”

She added: “I wanted to make something where there was lots of room for choices of vegan food - and also to encourage other people who might not be vegan to give vegan food a try.”

One of the sandwiches available in the vending machine. 

The ‘Vegan Vend’ machines, which can be found in Bristol city centre, are covered in different designs from local Bristol artists.

Ms Toth said that all the snacks are sourced locally.

She added: “A company called The Real Wrap provides me with all the wraps and sandwiches.

"There's a local baker who makes things like millionaire shortbread and Bakewells, and savoury things like pita pockets.

"And a place called Dark Matters makes these amazing brownies, in all different flavours. It's all about supporting local businesses."

Ms Toth visits the machines every morning before her job to check if any of the food need restocking.

Her sandwiches and wraps are priced at around £2.95, and most of her sweet bakes are priced at £2.50 - which Ms Toth says are "usual prices" for vegan foods.


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