Prince Harry Meghan Markle statement: 'Foreign press is to blame, not ours'

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The "abuse and harassment" suffered by Meghan Markle is the fault of the foreign press, rather than our own.

That's the view of royal writer Ingrid Seward, who spoke to talkRADIO in the wake of the statement issued by Kensington Palace on behalf of Prince Harry this morning (which can be read here).

Seward, who edits Majesty magazine and has written a range of books including The Queen's Speech, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that “I very strongly believe this is certainly not the British press that are to blame on this instance. What happens is people know there’s money in it and photographers and journalists will do what they can. They’re desperate because there’s not much out there.

“The British are very protective about their royal family, and we feel we can say things, but we don’t want the foreign media saying things, attacking Prince Harry, his character and what he does."

Seward also said it was "a good thing" that Prince Harry had spoken out and suggested he is "so distraught" about the constant media intrusion.

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