Prince Harry met father of Meghan Markle on visit to Toronto

Meghan Markle sparked international interest when news of her relationship with Prince Harry emerged

Meghan Markle is one of America's most high-profile actors thanks to her role in Suits

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Prince Harry has reportedly been introduced to Meghan Markle's parents. 

The actress, who stars as Rachel Zane in Suits, was confirmed by Kensington Palace to be in a relationship with the prince last year. 

In the same statement, Prince Harry asked for the media harrassment of Markle and her family to end. 

Now, it appears that prior to the revelation of their relationship, Prince Harry met her father and brother in a visit to Toronto, where Ms. Markle lives and works. 

Her father Thomas is said to be "extremely proud" of their relationship, while her older half-brother told the Mail Online that the couple were "very much in love."