Princess Diana tapes: Channel 4 are wrong to do this, says commentator Rupert Bell

Princess Diana tapes: 'On the face of it, Channel 4 are wrong', says commentator Rupert Bell

The broadcaster is enduring a backlash over its intent to air tapes made by the Princess with her former vocal coach

Monday, July 31, 2017

A royal commentator has claimed Channel 4 are wrong for choosing to air sensitive material pertaining to Princess Diana.

The broadcaster is enduring a backlash regarding its plans to air recordings made by the Princess of Wales in sessions with her former vocal coach Peter Settelen. 

The content is deemed to be so explosive, so sensitive, that it wasn't used by the prosecution in the 2002 trial of the Princess' former butler, Paul Burrell. 

Friends of the Princess - who died in a 1997 car crash in Paris - are urging the broadcaster not to air the tapes, calling it a "betrayal" of her privacy. 

Rupert Bell, a royal Commentatortold Julia Hartley-Brewer the broadcaster was wrong "on the face of it", but things had become "lost in translation."

Bell argued the recordings weren't providing new information on the state of the royal marriage.

He said: "They were recorded privately and not meant for broadcast.

"But things get lost in translation. Now you’re getting the line of 'it’s a historical document, an important view of what's going on in the Royal Family at the time.'

"We know we like anniversaries - in a way, we want to be celebrating the legacy she’s left. These tapes don’t do anything to celebrate it.

"Nothing new is coming out, it’s just a full stop or crossing the t’s on something we already know."

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