Prison officers' union blasts Government after report shows wrongful releases at record high

Ministry of Justice report 'symptomatic of everything wrong' in prison service, says POA representative

71 prisoners were released in error over the last year

Friday, July 28, 2017

A representative from the Prison Officers Association (POA) has blamed the record number of wrongful releases on the Government - specifically its failure to improve conditions for those charged with patrolling our jails.

New figures from the Ministry of Justice show there were 71 prisoners released by mistake across 2016 to 2017 - the highest number since records began a decade ago.

However Steve Gillan, general secretary of the POA, said this was merely "symptomatic" of the problems officers face on a daily basis.

The figures also show that 20 officers are assaulted every day, and Gillan said: "People are overworked, overstretched, due to low staffing levels across every single area. 

"We’ve been saying year on year that someone needs to take responsibility of what’s going on.

"I’m afraid the government and prison services leaders seem to be burying their heads in sand."

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