Prisoner breaks free from handcuffs, but then can't open fire exit

Prisoner breaks free from handcuffs, but escape fails as he can't open fire exit door

James Nyman broke free from his handcuffs (Stock image)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A prisoner who managed to break free from his handcuffs during a visit to hospital was caught trying to escape because he couldn't open a fire exit door.

James Nyman tried to escape in November, when he was at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington as he needed an x-ray, according to Court News UK.

He had been serving an 18-month sentence for charges including possession of a weapon in public place and theft.

Prosecutors said he was only one month into the sentence when he tried to escape.

Whilst having the x-ray, which was for pain in both his arms and back, officers released part of the handcuffs. Nyman was still restrained by one arm yet somehow managed to free himself of the cuffs and dash for the exit.

Prosecutor George McKinley said: "He had some difficulty with the fire exit, and the officers were able to catch him and bring him back."

Nyman pleaded guilty to escaping from custody at Southwark Crown Court. He was given eight months' custody, consecutive to his current sentence.

The judge said: "Those who have the role of treating people in hospital react with fear. I treat this more seriously than an escape from an open prison."