'Prisoners want people to know what it's like for them', says Ross Kemp

'Prisoners want people to know what it's like for them', says Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp joined Jon Holmes

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ross Kemp has told talkRADIO about time he spent in Barlinnie Prison for his latest documentary.

This is the first time that Kemp has spent time inside a UK prison for a documentary. It will be broadcast on ITV tonight (November 2) at 9pm.

Kemp told Jon Holmes most of the prisoners cooperated with him as "I think they want the story out there they want people to know what it’s like for them."

He claims a lot of drugs get into prisons in various different ways and he thought "the ingenuity that I saw - if only that could be applied elsewhere."

He added "there’s such a demand for it five time the street value" and dealers have "an audience that’s not going anywhere. Drugs are always going to get into prisons."

Kemp said most prisoners "prefer the fact that it is a regimented regime more so than some of the other prisons" as having a more relaxed regime can stress people out as "they could bump into someone that they’ve got a grievance with."

He believes "short term sentencing definitely doesn’t work" but at the same time "we have to be careful about who we release from prison."

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