Priti Patel: Allies sign letter defending Home Secretary

Friday, March 6, 2020

Priti Patel has been defended as a “tough, assertive” leader who has “never crossed a line” by nearly 100 supporters, as she continues to face a string of bullying allegations.

The Home Secretary has been accused of abusing staff, facing claims over her treatment of officials across three separate government departments over her career.

Senior Home Office civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam has launched legal action against Ms Patel and the government following his dramatic resignation as permanent secretary last weekend.

And this week further claims have surfaced, including that a former aide at the Department for Work and Pensions received a £25,000 payout from the government after saying she was bullied by Ms Patel when she was employment minister.

But in a letter to the Daily Telegraph today, more than 90 of Ms Patel’s allies came to her defence.

Signatories including a former Charity Commission chief, Conservative election guru and three Conservative peers said they did not “recognise the picture that has been painted of her this week”.

The letter read: “There’s no argument that she is a tough, assertive and effective leader, but even under extreme pressure she has never crossed a line or lost her temper.

“She expects high standards, as a strong leader should, but is always professional.

“She gives her all for this country and deserves far better treatment than she has received.”

Ms Patel has “categorically” denied the allegations and Boris Johnson has said he has “every confidence” in her.

In conversation with Mike Graham today, Rakib Ehsan from the Henry Jackson Society said he believed the claims were a “politically motivated” attempt to oust Ms Patel from her position.

He told talkRADIO: “I think there is a growing sentiment that the British establishment is rotten to the core…[Priti Patel] wants to shake things up.”

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