Priti Patel: ‘The days of blocking Brexit are long gone’

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Home Secretary has said backing Boris Johnson’s deal is “the only way forward” in the Brexit saga as she claimed there is “no alternative”.

Priti Patel told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton that the Prime Minister’s newly formed exit plan is a “strong and compelling proposition” as she urged colleagues to vote in favour of it in Parliament.

“The days of blocking Brexit and the days of just debating the merits of the referendum are long gone – we need to really get this done and move forward,” she said.

Ms Patel, who voted against Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement all three times, said she felt “a great deal of pride” for Mr Johnson for having secured what she described as the “best deal”.

“I think he has been phenomenal. This is very much a testament, a tribute, to his determination and conviction to do the right thing and deliver Brexit.”

However, Mr Johnson faces an uphill battle in convincing MPs to back his deal during a rare Saturday sitting in the House of Commons tomorrow.

He needs 320 votes to gain a majority and pass the deal but currently only has 287 Conservative MPs, meaning he'll have to rely on members from other parties to make up the numbers.

Jeremy Corbyn has said the deal “should be rejected” and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ruled out her MPs in the SNP backing it.

Northern Ireland’s DUP, which has been a key ally in the past, has said it is “unable to support” the agreement due to a “lack of clarity on VAT”.

But Ms Patel claimed the agreement offers Northern Ireland a “great deal”, adding that the country will “benefit in the long run”.

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