Priti Patel ‘furious’ over migrant crossings, says Tory MP

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Conservative MP Lee Anderson has defended Priti Patel over migrant boat crossings in the English Channel, saying the Home Secretary is “working damn hard” to tackle the issue.

More than 4,000 asylum seekers have reached British shores during 2020, with record daily arrivals peaking at over 200.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the Ashfield representative said: “Priti is absolutely furious about this.

“She’s doing all she can but she’s pretty much hamstrung by these international laws, asylum laws, the maritime laws…but we’ve got to give her all the support we can as backbench MPs to stop this happening in the future.”

Mr Anderson is part of a collection of Tory MPs - the “common sense group” – where he said “illegal immigration is right at the very top of their agenda”.

Following increasing pressure on the government over the issue, immigration minister Chris Philp is set to hold talks with French counterparts in Paris today.

Politicians across the Channel have criticised Downing Street after the Home Office formally requested the assistance of the Royal Navy to deal with the problem.

Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont said it was a “political measure” intended to show ministers were taking action but warned that it “won’t change anything”.

Boris Johnson on Monday condemned the activities of the “cruel” criminal gangs who were putting lives at risk, taking people out in potentially unseaworthy vessels.

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