'Priti Patel should ask why we're ending foreign aid to India', says her Labour counterpart

'Priti Patel should be looking at why we said we're ending the aid relationship with India', says shadow secretary for international trade

Priti Patel wants to overhaul foreign aid

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Priti Patel should be looking at why Britain is ending the flow of aid to India, according to her Labour counterpart.

Patel, the Secretary of State for International Trade, is planning an overhaul of foreign aid as she says too much of it is wasted, stolen or spent poorly. 

However her Labour shadow, Barry Gardiner, believes the target of 0.7% of GDP being spent on foreign aid is right. 

“0.7% is a UN-agreed target of GDP," he told Julia Hartley-Brewer. “I’m delighted that there was that cross-party agreement, I would be disappointed if that money were to unravel.

“I think what Priti Patel has said, and what she’s been signaling for a long time now, is that she wants there not to be 0.7%.

“One of the things that Priti Patel should perhaps be doing, is looking at why we said we’re ending the aid relationship with a country [India] that has 30% of the world’s poorest people living there.

“I see the aid budget as something which is supposed to be targeted to alleviate poverty where it exists, and to do that we need to respect partners that we have."

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