Priti Patel: 'This is something close to a cover up in Number 10', says Jewish Chronicle

Priti Patel: 'This is something close to a cover up in Number 10', says Jewish Chronicle

Priti Patel is expected to be sacked

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The editor of The Jewish Chronicle has claimed Number 10 is attempting to cover up the Priti Patel meetings scandal.

International development secretary Priti Patel has been ordered by Theresa May to return to the UK due to controversy over meetings with Israeli officials. On Monday (November 6) Patel apologised to the Prime Minister for taking part in unauthorised meetings with Israeli politicians in August.

Stephen Pollard, the editor of The Jewish Chronicle, has questioned whether Number 10 is telling the full truth about when they knew about Patel's meetings.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "According to my sources, at the very least in September, just before the UN General Assembly, Priti Patel held a meeting with Theresa May at which they discussed various issues. One of which was Priti Patel's ideas for sharing UK aid with Israel at which she discussed having had the meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Just after she had her meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, which was on the 22nd August, the Middle East minister Alistair Burt just by coincidence happened to be in Israel on an official visit at the same time and held a meeting at the Prime Minister's office."

He claims "the Israeli Prime Minister's deputy chief of staff said that he’d just had a very refreshing, good meeting with the secretary of state for international development, so the Foreign Office knew.

Pollard also explained the reason Patel is in trouble now is because she did not list two meetings in her apology earlier this week, but he said "my sources tell me that [Patel] did tell Number 10 about one of those meetings with an official from the Israeli Foreign Ministry" but "Number 10 asked her not to list that meeting."

He said he would call this "something close to a cover up in Number 10" but it has "comprehensively rubbished my story" and despite his claims he still thinks Patel is still "a goner."

The journalist suggested that it's possible Theresa May could be removed from her position "by the end of this week perhaps" over the matter.

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