Priti Patel: We will end free movement ‘once and for all’

Ms Patel's announcement was met with cheers

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Home Secretary was met with cheers as she revealed plans for an Australian-style points-based immigration system and a bid to end free movement “once and for all”.

Priti Patel framed the announcement around “getting Brexit done” in her key note speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

She told delegates: “As Home Secretary, at this defining moment in our country’s history, I have a particular responsibility when it comes to taking back control.

“It is to end the free movement of people once and for all. Instead we will introduce and Australian-style points-based immigration system.”

Ms Patel, who described herself “this daughter of immigrants”, went on to slam Labour’s approach to immigration, claiming it wants to “surrender our border control”.

Last week, Boris Johnson came under fire for “inflammatory” language as he continued to use of the word “surrender” in reference to legislation aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit.

The MP for Witham also used the speech to promote the Conservatives as “the party of law and order” and paid tribute to police officers who have died on duty, including PC Andrew Harper.

She announced a £10 million ring fenced fund to equip up to 60% of police officers with Tasers, as well as a £20 million investment to aid in identifying and dismantling county lines drugs gangs.

Ms Patel, who was appointed as Home Secretary in July this year, concluded: “To the British people, we hear you; to the police service, we back you and to the criminals, I simply say this, we are coming after you”.

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