Pro-Barcelona newspaper claims Champions League draw rigged as Real Madrid get Napoli

Real Madrid drew Napoli in today's Champions League draw while Barcelona ended up with Paris Saint-Germain

A pro-Barcelona newspaper believes Real Madrid are being given an unfair advantage in the Champions League draw

Monday, December 12, 2016

A leading Catalan newspaper has claimed the Champions League draw was rigged after arch-rivals Real Madrid drew Napoli.

Sport, which is published in Barcelona and has close ties with the city's football team, claims unnamed authorities gave Madrid an easy draw to ensure they reach the latter stages of the competition.

The pairing with Napoli was described as "another hot ball for Real Madrid in the Champions League," referring to previous allegations that some balls were heated up before being placed in the pot for Champions League draws, to ensure those hosting the event knew which balls contained the most famous team.

"The famous hot balls have once again become protagonists in a Champions League draw," the Sport report continues. "Napoli are thus added to a list of beatable rivals who have recently been drawn with Real Madrid in the Champions League draw."

Napoli currently lie fourth in the Italian league, eight points behind the leaders, and have never won the Champions League.

Sport claims Barcelona have been given a far harder draw in the shape of French champions Paris Saint-Germain, and suggests the Catalan club routinely receives a tough pairing at this stage of the competition - pointing out that in recent years they have drawn Arsenal as well as Manchester City on two occasions.