Pro-Brexit trolls bombard the wrong Gina Miller with abuse after Supreme Court verdict

The wrong Gina Miller is bombarded with Brexit tweets

Gina Miller became the figurehead for the court case

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gina Miller, the woman who initiated the legal challenge against Brexit, has predictably been bombarded with tweets about the Supreme Court decision today.

Only problem is, the abuse has been tweeted at the wrong Gina Miller.

Instead of tweeting the British investment fund manager, people have been tweeting a US sports broadcaster of the same name who, unfortunately, has a Twitter account under the name @TheGinaMiller.

The sports broadcaster created her Twitter account in 2009, Legal Cheek reported, and she has 28,000 followers from her work with US football team FC Dallas.


It wasn't all bad for [the American] Gina Miller however. Many people have been sending her messages of support and congratulation for her role in upholding British Parliamentary democracy, while we're sure she'll appreciate.