Protester filmed confronting Anna Soubry has Facebook and PayPal accounts deleted

Protester filmed confronting Anna Soubry has Facebook and PayPal accounts deleted

Conservative MP Anna Soubry being confronted outside Houses of Parliament on Monday. Image: Femi Oluwole/Twitter

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

James Goddard, an online activist who was filmed calling Anna Soubry a Nazi, said he had been "silenced" on Facebook after his profile appeared to disappear.

A link to his PayPal account, where supporters are encouraged to "support (his) work" also failed to load on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Goddard had used his Facebook page to livestream "yellow vest” protests that have been taking place for the past month in London and other UK cities.

A Facebook spokesman said Mr Goddard’s Facebook pages have been removed for violating policies on “hate speech”.

He said: "We have removed James Goddard's Facebook pages and groups for violating our policies on hate speech.

"We will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation and which may provoke real-world violence."


'Treacherous MPs' 

Mr Goddard, along with other protesters, confronted the pro-Remain MP calling her a “Nazi” outside of the Houses of Parliament on Monday.

In Facebook posts on Tuesday morning, Mr Goddard said: "She's called a Nazi because she's acting like one."

Mr Goddard added: "We must remember the Nazis were elected into power and then went against ordinary Germans! Pretty much echoing what's going on this country!

"If the political class weren't trying to thwart Brexit, then I wouldn't have to approach these treacherous MPs.

"Has anyone noticed how they bang on about equal rights for women, yet when they're approached they go into meltdown!"