Protests against Donald Trump's travel ban are actually just against Trump himself, says UKIP's Peter Whittle

'Protests against Donald Trump's travel ban are actually just against Trump himself', says UKIP's Peter Whittle

Many have been protesting against Donald Trump's travel ban

Monday, January 30, 2017

The protests against Donald Trump's travel ban are actually just personal attacks against the President himself, says UKIP's Peter Whittle. 

Mr Trump has suspended the visas of travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries, banned Syrian refugees indefinitely and halted the US Refugee Admissions Programme in its entirety. The move has been greeted by sweeping protest, and a petition to block Mr Trump's state visit to the UK has granted well over 1 million signatures.

However Whittle, UKIP's deputy leader, told Sam Delaney: "Every country has the right to an immigration policy.

“He stood very firmly on this platform, and he’s actually doing what we’ve really not become that used to in the West - he’s acting on it pretty quickly.

“A hell of a lot of the protests that we’re seeing at the moment in America and outside of America is actually just simply anti-Trump."

Political commentator David Vance also joined the discussion and said the ban was justified.

He said: “All [Trump] seeks to do is to protect US citizens. If that’s the principle behind what he’s doing, why would we have a problem with it in the UK?

“It’s not about faith, it’s about making absolutely sure that if people are coming from jihadist-type countries…that we take precautions.

“We should all try and support [this policy]. Maybe it can be done better, but it does have to be done."

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